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Welcome to RN Shipmates

Thanks for stopping by the new website.

There is no private info displayed on this site, email addresses are hidden rather than being displayed on your screen. This is an antispam measure. ;)

If you want more information about a reunion, your first port of call should be the Association concerned. If an email address has been supplied then you can use the contact link to contact the event organiser. Where there is no link, try the association website for more information.

Whilst we are on the subject of websites, one can't help but notice that a number of websites have 'fallen off' the web. In some case the sites have shut up shop and gone. In other cases one hopes that they have moved to a new host, perhaps with a different URL. If you look for an association and it's not here, have a look at the 'Missing' page. If you know where it is now, please be kind enough to let us know so that we can update the URL.
There are over 30 websites gone missing since RNShipmates started all those years ago. Your help is always appreciated, not just by RNShipmates, but also by your lost oppos looking for an association that may no longer be listed.

Thank you.